Monday, January 2, 2012

My favorite things I've been staring at during the holidays

Lately I've found myself collecting unique pieces of glass, and obviously these vases need something equally as special inside of them.  The wire flowers are created by a local Dallas artist, George Fowler.  Usually at his art shows he makes several wire flowers to pass out to the ladies, or as fun gifts to those who bid on his pieces!  
I'm lucky enough to have 3 of these little treasures!  

The Lockers were a junkyard find @ $10 each!  The original idea was to make a bed frame out of them however when they were unloaded from the car and propped up against the wall I couldn't help but fall in love with the clean look of the 3 standing next to each other.   And YES, the "Davy Jones" writing was on them when I got them, I know you wanted to know.
These bookends were a sweet little gift from my momma, she scored them at a garage sale.  Originally the color wasn't the most pleasing, so a little beige spray paint and voila! 
I like Vintage books.  
You can score your own for usually around $0.99 at a local thrift store.  
Aunt Corinne's Chair!  These chairs have been the base for many conversations! Growing up they adorned my favorite Great Aunt's living room.  Once she passed away my grandmother inherited Corinne's furniture and set up a "Corinne's Corner" in her home.  We would sit for hours talking and laughing in these chairs.  Recently my mom had them refurbished.  We chose the fabric and paint colors together and I plan on keeping these in the family for a long time! 
"House", not much to say about this other than that this shadow box was a $1 thrift store find and I love it. 

I'm in a mirror phase, I find they open up the home and help create cool angles.  
Ikea makes some pretty great ones, which is where I scored this one fo $20! 
A cute way to store an ottoman.  This green table I got at an estate sale for $10, and the ottoman seems to fit perfectly underneath.  Both are stored together in the little cove under the stairs. 

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