Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The June Sale

Welcome to 'The June Second Sale!'  All items are reclaimed finds looking for a new home. If you see something you want email me at RCurrie@irvingbible.org.  Once I respond to you I'll mark it as 'sold' and we can arrange pickup and payment.  
I DO ship, so spread the sale to your out of State Friends and Family :) 
Happy Shopping!  

SOLD Old Mail Box $20
*Cute Idea - Put it on your counter and store your mail inside*

Vintage Dr Pepper Bottle 1 Liter $5  
*Cute Idea- use as a flower vase or diplay on a shelf*
SOLD Acorn Jar $5
Milk Glass Vintage Rooster $10

Glass Jars $2 Each
*Cute Idea - Use to organize your hair ties and bobbi pins*
Specify the ones you want by the number listed

1                              2

3                              4
5                         SOLD     6
                                                       7                              8

SOLD Old Glass Bubble Jar $5
SOLD Little Turquoise Piggy Bank $5

"Give Us This Day" Handstitch $5

Vintage Light Switch Cover $5
Pink Bird Tin $5
*Cute Idea - store your crafts inside*

SOLD Napkin Rings (7) - $8
SOLD Sugar Jar $10
*Store pennies inside, or your favorite cards you've received from friends*

Fair Lady Fabric Plate $10

Vintage Locks $5 each 
*cute idea- display them laying on a white plate*
SOLD Mason Jar of Porcelain and Nail Bits $8

SOLD Old Wood Box $10 
*Cute idea - store Bathroom Vanity Items 
or Toiletries*

Large Old Glass Jar of Nails $10
Wood Silverware Organizer $5 
*Cute Idea - Organize your Jewelry instead*

Blue Tin Bucket $8
*Cute Idea - Display your rolled up handtowels or stacked rolls of toilet paper*
or check out what my friend did in her garden Fall Planting

Vintage Flint Can $5

Tin Mailbox $10

SOLD Old ToolBox $20 (Large)
*Cute Idea - Store your crafts inside*

SOLD Old Scissors $5 
*Cute idea - display on a shelf or end table*

SOLD Birdhouse Wall Display $20 
Old Flask $10  - Left top corner of glass is chipped off
SOLD Vintage Yellow Glass $5

SOLD Vintage Apothecary Jar $8

Old Rubbed Sage Can $5

SOLD Little Blue Glass Vintage Jar $8
Metal Handle Pitcher $5

Silver-plated Tea Pitcher $15
Either an "M" on the side or a "W". 
The top lid has a cork bottom.  

Vintage Silhoutte Picture $10

SOLD Old Suitcase with Mirror Inside $15

Muffin Tin Jewelry Holders $3 Each

SOLD Vintage "Irving Cyclery" Bag $10
Dish Rack Display $5
SOLD Old Sewing Machine Drawers $5 each
*Cute Idea - Store toiletries on a bathroom counter
Or displaying Silverware at a party*

White Wheeled Cart $15
SOLD Handmade Pink Pattern Dish $10
*Cute Idea - a Cupcake plate for parties, or a centerpiece on your coffee table with something fun laying in the center of it*
Dress from Early 1900's  $25  
I bought this at an estate sale where the family was selling all of thier family heirlooms, made me sad.  I also bought a picture of the little baby wearing this dress dated 1905!
Would be adorable displayed in a little baby girls room 

Vintage Globe $12
SOLD Two Tiny Kids Play Blocks $5 for both
*Cute Idea - Display on an end table or shelf in a baby room*
SOLD ClipBoards $2 each
*Cute Idea - Hang on the Wall and clip your mail, coupons, and recipes to them*
SOLD Very Old handmade Oriental Rug $20
Torn and Worn, this rug has tons of Character.  Top picture makes the spots look way more prominent than in person.  Here's a better close up below. 

SOLD Vintage Patchwork Blanket $10
Cute for a picnic or photoshoot
Not finished on the backside
Metal Tool $5
Cat Key Holder $5
Nine Ball $5

Metal Drawer $ 5

SOLD Vain Monkey $5 
He's looking in an actual mirror :) 

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