Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Set Design - Textures and Layers

About a month ago the talented Trey Hill, a photographer and friend, approached me with a fun challenge! Due to some scheduling restraints for his client they needed to film an important interview in Dallas, however it needed to have the look and feel of a place quite opposite of the United States.  Trey sent me some great inspiration photos with the request for "texture and layers".  These open ended design challenges are my favorite kind, as they lend themselves to tons of creativity.  The end result is a mash up of an old fence, old home siding stained by the remains of crape myrtle blossoms, rusted chain, farmhouse windows, the old school clock I found for $1 a a thrift store, my great grandmothers fan, a red crate box of my grandfathers, and much more. Trey snapped some pictures of the finished product.  It was cool to work with such an amazing group of people to create a piece that is of a story much greater than my own!  Thankful for the new found friendships with SIM and to collaborate with so much talent!  Thanks Matthew Rojas and Trey Hill for helping me make this design come to life! 

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