Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Turquoise kind of Office

This was quite a fun project.  Sasha's personal style and personality is not only cute but magnetic, it was important in capturing that in her new office space!  She set the tone perfectly by picking an energetic color to splash on the walls.  The turquoise paint color makes the space pop automatically!  The budget on this space was small, so we had to get innovative.  Enjoy!

The "S" wall art was created out of $5 dollars!  Each frame was picked from a local thrift store for $1, and the "S" was a thrift store find.  At the time the Letter was a terrible shade of pink, but nothing a little white spray paint couldn't fix!

The Yellow Coffee Table was once a chipped brown wood, but not the cute kind.  I found a mustard color paint that was on the leftovers shelf, and it looks like a whole new piece!

Two of my favorite pieces in the room: This was them before!  The chandelier cost a whopping $10, and the Yellow Lamp base was $6.  I saw potential immediately and knew spray paint was just the fix.

Here we go! Sweetness

The lamp shade was a $2 thift store find, and then I stocked up on $1 belts.  All I had to do was belt the belts together and, viola, a cute lampshade!   

The Yellow and Beige fabric was a thrift store find for $5.  Lucky me, it was already a curtain and literally fit like a glove (or a curtain) in the window!!

Hope you find yourself inspired to create!

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