Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wood, Natural Light, and a Sweet Window Installation.

Here it is, one of my most favorite designs to date!  This custom wood panel window installation has literally transformed a once underutilized meeting space at Irving Bible Church.  Where dusty velvet curtains used to cover every ounce of natural light, now stands a piece that gives you a unique view and a spill of the outdoors.    

I was bored in a coffee shop one day and started dreaming about how to change the look of this space in a drastic way!  The concept began with a simple sketch drawing of vertical lines.  As my brain continued running I thought, why can't we just cover the windows with wood panels like this?!  The amazing team of carpenters here walked through the sketch with me and liked the idea as well.  They worked hard researching the right wood to use, one that was a good quality, yet affordable.  This architectural window installation took about one week, and changed the entire life of the room! 

 At all times of the day you can peek your head into this space and see shadows spilled on the walls and over the concrete floors. When nighttime hits, you can peer through the window cutouts to see the evening air.  The panels also have a really cool look from the outside looking in.

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