Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Second Sale - April (2)

Here's Round #2 of my online garage sale.  Email me at if you are interested in any of the pieces you see.  They go fast so let me know as soon as you see something you want!

SOLD - COFFEE Letters.  All for $90.  The letters are Large, take up a full wall. Might consider breaking up the letters for $20 each.  Contact me if interested.
SOLD Bubble Gum Machine Art $10 . Hand Stitched with love 15" x 12"
Vintage School Chairs - $15 each 
2 on right are sold
Vintage Metal Chairs $40 for all.  They need some seats but they're a great find!  I was going to keep them rusty and worn looking.

Hanging Pendant Shade $10.  Desk and Chair are shown in later post.  

Chandelier $20
I don't have it wired so thats the cord hanging down
Yellow Chandelier $20
Yellow Leaves are made from plastic
 Black Metal Frame not included

Witch Art $5
25" x 19"
SOLD Bird Art $5
A little water damage on the bottom left corner

SOLD 'America' Vintage Advertisement Poster $10
30" x 24"
SOLD Antique Creme Frame.  $10
Old frame with lots of character.
25" x 20.5" 

Table and Ottoman for Sale
SOLD Green Table $30  Not a standard dining table height, shorter. LxWxH =  42.5" x 23.5 x26.5"  Lots of Character.  You can add 3"casters to the bottom and bump up the height too normal dining height table.

Polka Dot Ottoman $35
L x W = 28" x 31"
Theres a small rip on one side the bottom corner of one of the sides, can be stitched up!  
SOLD Mantle Piece $45.  I used it as a headboard for my Queen Size Bed in my old house.  

Light Ball $15  Comes with the lamp stand.  I made this out of hemp and glue.  The ball rests on top and is not attached.  So you'd want to find a way to attach it probably.  

Shelf Unit from BoConcept.  $75.  Cherry Wood, in Great condition!  Shelves are not adjustable. Finished on both sides so it can float in a room as a divider.
SOLD Porcelain Cow head Wall Mount Hook $5  You screw him onto the wall on his back and then hang necklaces, or towels.. whatever you fancy.  He's a tiny little guy, but super cute
4 Porcelain Knobs $2
SOLD 7 Porcelain Knobs $3
6 Porcelain Knobs $5
SOLD 5 Porcelain Knobs $3
SOLD Old Truck Side Mirror $5 
Cute Metal Strainer Spoon $2
Locker Fronts $20each.  All 3 for $55.  
Funky TeaPot $10  Mason Jar Light $5
Gum Ball Machine $20  Missing top lid.  I left it open and filled gumballs that people could grab out of the top.

SOLD - Old Ledger Holder "Shannon Arch" $2

SOLD Little 'House' Shadowbox $3

Vintage Floral Bag $5 (I used to carry laptop in it.  Handle isn't shown but it's a plastic grip handle)
Old Rotary Phone $10
SOLD Apple Basket $2
Metal Frame $3
SOLD Canvas Dog Art $3
SOLD Yellow Baskets $5 for both
Hand Stitched Pineapple Art $3

Flower Art $1

SOLD Old Wooden Box $5

SOLD Colorful baskets $5 for all 
SOLD Hallowed Out Sewing table/desk. $15  Left leg is a little wobbly 

SOLD Close up of Knobs on Desk
Yellow Chair  $10. Very Wobbly.  I used it as decoration, not something to sit in.  You could use it on a front porch.  If you have a handy husband he might be able to tigthen it for you :) 
Metal Frame $ 30
68" x 24"
I was going to use this as a cool headboard over a bed.  You'd drill the pipe into the wall and it would be unattached.  You could EASILY paint it.  It's a cute project! 
Close up of Metal Frame


  1. Rachel, a friend shared your blog with me and I think it is great! I was curious if either of the typewriters in the BoConcept Shelf Unit picture are for sell?

  2. Hey Erin,

    They were but I sold them yesterday :( If you're interested in a typewritter I come across them from time to time when I'm out shopping (my job), and could keep my eye out for you :)


  3. do you by ANY chance still have the chandeliers, the witch art, the floral suitcase, the light ball and the rusty metal chairs? I was doing a search on scool chairs in opplkastic and came across your blog. And as there are no cooincidences, I am also a junk lover and Photographer. Thought Id take the chance to see if any of this was still kickin around.