Sunday, July 29, 2012



Step 1:
Remove all the hardware.
With an electric sander, sand down your dresser.
Make sure to wipe the dresser down after sanding.

Step 2:
Using a white primer, paint the dresser with a full coat. 

Step 3: 
After the Primer has dried, apply the paint of your new color choice. You will probably need to do several coats of paint for this process.
*A tip, it's fun to match the lines that the dresser had originally.  
I decided to choose a grey and white color pallet and follow the horizontal lines that the dresser already had grooves for.

Step 4: 
After all's dry - and I mean DRY, put hardware back on. 
You might want to spray paint your hardware which is what I did with mine.  Quick, Easy, and makes a big difference! If you're not a fan of the hardware on it, then Anthropologie has a great selection knobs to choose from.  I scour the sales bins because you can almost always score cool knobs for $2.95 each.

Step 5:
Viola you've got a cute new piece for cheap!

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