Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Framed Vintage Wall Paper

Today I decided this beautiful gold wallpaper has been sitting in my closet for too long! I scored it at an estate sale a few weeks back and immediately wanted to put it on display.  But how do you put wallpaper on the walls when you live in an apartment?  You frame it!  This project was quite simple really, just required the right supplies.  With the most essential supply found it was just a matter of gathering the remaining frame, spray paint, scissors, and ruler.  

I have quite a soft spot for vintage wall paper.  There's a slew of projects I have in mind for the remaining roles I have. One of the priority ones is lining the inside of my dresser.  I find that contact paper offered at most stores are boring and/or ugly.  Scour a few estate sales and find a stash of wallpaper roles to jazz up the insides of your dresser!

If you're interested in this simple project you can read the 'how to' below. 

First you have to gut the frame, and God knows the terrible 80's photos they held need to join him in heaven.  I peeled back the staples and took out the glass.  The frames were taken outside to my balcony.  Or I guess I should say to my buildings community balcony.  I realized halfway through spray painting that I was standing out there in my way too short pj's.  Watching a neighbor walk by out of the corner of my eye I tried to stay focused on the frames so not to cause any awkward conversation.  That's step two!  

Once the frames are sprayed let them dry for a bit.  Once they dry flip them over and spray the opposite side.  While you're waiting for the frames to dry spend your time measuring out your wallpaper for the frame.  Start by measuring the glass that goes inside.  With a pencil mark the backside of the wallpaper with the same measurement. Then cut away.  

When the spray paint is completely dry bring them inside, place the glass back inside, and pop in that fancy paper!  Bend the staples back. Flip the frame over. And Oh and Ah!  Then Enjoy! :) 


  1. GIRL! i want that shiny wallpaper. where can i gets it?!

  2. You crack me up! I found it at an estate sale for 25 cents!

  3. They look very sober and do the work aptly